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    Geodomi Limited was established in 1994 to serve as the construction wing of PGIL. It caters for all Civil Engineering works of the company. In 2002, its operational license was upgraded to permit operations for government. Its main business activities include Construction of Houses, Building of Concrete Drains & Culverts, Road works Construction, Bitumen works and other Constructional activities.
    Our QUARRY supplies the needed high quality chippings and other raw materials for most of construction projects


    Rubber and Polythene Products

    Incorporated in 1986, Polymers was established to manufacture products from Polyethene. The products include seedling bags and sheeting as well as carrier bags and other polythene products. These products are mainly for activities in the Construction and Agricultural Industries.


    Palmers Green Electrical Engineering Company Ltd.

    Incorporated in 2008, Palmers Electrical Engineering Company limited began as an Engineering and Operations department In PGIL. It is currently located in Kaneshie, Accra and it focuses on Design and Installations as well as Rehabilitation works.


    Incorporated in 2007, DOP Transport was established to provide transport services to its auxiliary companies. Besides the transport services, it maintains different types of Construction. Equipment such as Dozers, Wheel loaders, Concrete Mixers, Dumpers, Pickups, SUVs and other Vehicular machines. Our main services include
    •Hiring of Equipment and Heavy Duty vehicles
    •Providing Professional Driving Services
    •Repairs and General Servicing
    •Tariffs for the use of duty post vehicles
    •Haulage Services .


    Incorporated in 2008, Trade and Save undertakes retailing of our high/low voltage electrical equipment such as Generators, Transformers and many others to the private organizations and the general public in order to boost our sales revenue. We currently procure and supply electrical equipment to other West African countries such as Nigeria, Togo, Benin and Liberia. In Ghana, we mainly offer to ECG, Ministry of Defence, The VRA , and Vodafone Ghana Ltd.


    Registered in 2008, the company was setup to produce and sell various concrete products to meet the needs of its auxiliary companies. Our Products include U-Drains, Pavement blocks, Curbstones, Hollow Blocks. We have a ready supply of quarry sand and chippings from our quarry near by. We currently have ultra modern machines used to manufactures these products. We have started production producing 5 tons of Concrete products daily. We are currently located at Odumse on the Dodowa Road.

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